Our Wonderful Puppy People

The year is just flying past, as we have been meaning to drop you a note for months. Both Ronan and Magic are very well and we believe are living a rich and full life with us. We can't thank you both enough for giving us such a wonderful gift. We love them so very much. I am sitting on lounge trying to type on my laptop with all three dogs snuggled up around me, which is the norm when on the lounge (or in bed). Our camping trip last year along the Darling/Murray was very enjoyable. The dogs loved it.

From Penny X Jamie Born 17.9.2011 Little Juddy, yes named after Carlton captain Chris Judd, has gone to live with Deb, Richard and Sally a tri colour in Melbourne.

From Penny X Jamie Born 17.9.2011 Little Charlie is living with Niki and Dale in Melbourne

Penny's X Jamie's Born 17.9.2011 Little Marley living with the Braine family in Sydney

Penny's X Jamie's Born 17.9.2011 Little Marley with his new mum living with the Braine family in Sydney.

Little Sophie is in her new home on the mid north coast of NSW with loving parents Jenny and Steve.

Togetherness! Sophie and new Dad Steve.

Brothers Chandler and Dickens in their lovely new home at Albert Park with proud new parents Sue and Nat.

Max and Montez have loving new parents, Marnie and Ash. Here is Max relaxing with Marnie.

Montez and Dad Ashley enjoying some man TV.

Koko lives in Ballarat with Mum Katrina and family.

Troy now lives in the beautiful Dandenongs with his new best friend Sophie, Mum Maia and Dad Matthew.

Troy out for a run with Dad Matthew.

After a daily run it's relaxation time for Troy and Sophie.

Sunday, on the right, together with Noelle and Nerissa welcomes her new little brother Sherlock into the family.

Little Daisy meets her wonderful new family, Grant and Melinda and their three lovely boys, Henry, Ned and Owen.

Getting to know you!

Daisy graduating from Puppy School! Well done Daisy and Melinda! You have done Kamawarie proud!

Little Sophie getting to know her new Mum, Denise.

All ready to begin a wonderful new life safe on Mum's lap.

Like all little Cavaliers Sophie does enjoy a spot of gardening!

Our black and tan boy Kye Bear has joined his new family and best friends Wilbur, the black pug and Kobi, the blenheim cavalier.

Oliver with a new friend Buster the cat. Oliver's lovely new human family is Mum Julie and daughters Taylah and Alisha. What a lucky puppy!

Not much room for me but my friends are super friendly! Max the Beagle and Diesel the German Short Haired Pointer! Boy are we going to have fun together!

Yep. he's a GSP and he's bigger than me as you might have noticed. But I WILL grow and we're friends already. Fun times ahead for Oliver and Diesel!

Yep! Life is sure good for little Oliver with Julie, Taylah and Alisha!

Oliver and his best mate Pipper

On this page we feature our puppies and older cavaliers with their wonderful new families.
For people who may be contemplating the purchase of a cavalier these photos will serve to show you the type of homes we seek when setting out to rehome one of our precious cavaliers.
You will see that not all cavaliers are purely lap dogs and couch potatoes although a comfy lounge is definitely a prerequisite in any cavalier home. 😀

These photos will show some of the main features of the cavalier breed - their adaptability to the lifestyle of their beloved family members and the joy they find from the companionship with their human and canine family.

Life is all good to a cavalier as long as they are sharing it with the ones they love!

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19.09 | 19:38


I’ve only just started to reach out to breeders and was wondering when your next litter is due and pricing.

Thanks for your help

18.07 | 00:31

After having owned and loved border collies for over thirty years, I find myself having to downside in size of dogs. Looking to love, and train a new puppy.

18.07 | 00:17

Thank you for your story hauntingly honest. I have a border similarly affected neurologically she too will be with us to the end.

03.04 | 18:33

Hello I am looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy...do you have
any available at this point...🐶

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