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                A Boy And A Dog

                I want my boy to have a dog

                Or maybe two or three,

                He'll learn from them much easier 

                Than he would learn from me.

                A dog will show him how to love

                And bear no grudge or hate,

                I'm not so good at that myself

                But dogs will do it straight.

                I want my boy to have a dog

                To be his pal and friend,

                So he may learn that friendship 

                Is faithful to the end.

                There never yet has been a dog

                Who learned to double cross

                Nor catered to you when you won

                Or dropped you when you lost.

From Jeff Kennett's "Dog Lovers' Poems


               Who Buys Our Very Special Cavaliers?

   The answer is "Very Special People".That means people who have already done or who are prepared to do their homework and thoroughly research the breed before committing themselves to the responsibility of owning a Cavalier and, of course  people who already own a Cavalier and have come to appreciate how much they and their pet would enjoy the company of another.

These people do not need to be wealthy but they do need to have a realistic outlook as to the cost of maintaining their Cavalier in a happy, healthy and comfortable state.
The home does not need to be large but it must be safe and secure with a securely fenced yard for outdoor activities.

Life on the land is great but not if cattle fencing is the only means of keeping your little Cavalier out of harms way. A dog proof fence around the house yard is a must.
Our "Special People" do not stress about dog hair on and under the furniture, on their clothes and in their car.

They realise that they have selected the ultimate companion dog and as such they are prepared to welcome their Cavalier into their daily lives as well as into their home and, in most cases, onto their beds.
Companionship is a must. The ultimate companion dog was not bred to be left alone day after day.

"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them,

Filling an emptiness we don't even know we have"

Thom Jones, submitted by Ellen Kovar






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Karyn Gilmour | Reply 19.02.2016 20.42

Hi we are looking for a Blenheim female puppy. Are you planning on having a litter this year? Could we please go on your wait list ? Kind regards Karyn Gilmour

Liza Hannah | Reply 28.11.2014 22.07

Hi there
We would love to have Ruby female puppy as a pet. Would you be able to let us know if your girls would be expecting any Ruby's?

Kind regards


Sel Sandland | Reply 23.05.2014 20.37

I'm looking for a mate for my 1 yo tricolour, Jasper.I would love another tri /male or female. please advise on availability?

Kathleen Jephson | Reply 20.09.2013 20.13

Hi, just found the photos of your new puppies!! Please say we can come and look at the female tri!

rhonda | Reply 12.12.2011 01.16

Just so so cute We love Cavs & one day we will get our very special 4 legged friend 2 fill our heart once again A Ruby or a Black an Tan pup One day???

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29.09 | 19:48

Hi just wondering when you are planning your next litter?

06.09 | 16:14

I am looking for a tri coloured puppy for my 16 yr old daughter as a campanion dog. please any advice would be appreciated eg as sex or where best to buy?

02.08 | 21:37

Hi, Just wanting to know if you have any Ruby male pups available?

13.07 | 12:55

Hi i am just wondering when your having another lot of Tri Coloured babies. I am very interested in a male if possible. Thank you

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