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DONE Sending... | Reply 08.05.2020 15.06

Hi I am after a puppy,when you will have new puppies.
Thanks shiji

Angela Pegram | Reply 23.07.2019 17.40

Hello. Weve just retired & want another to join us. Weve had 3 before & love the breed. Can you let us know when puppies are due please? Thankyou.

Lisa | Reply 20.05.2019 15.05

Hi, we're interested to have a cavalier puppy. May I ask when you will have new puppies? Thanks.

Kaye | Reply 03.02.2019 06.29

Hello, just wondering when you have litters planned for this year please?

Amy | Reply 21.10.2017 11.44

Hi when is your next litter due? Thanks

Calista | Reply 29.09.2017 19.48

Hi just wondering when you are planning your next litter?

Dionne | Reply 06.09.2017 16.14

I am looking for a tri coloured puppy for my 16 yr old daughter as a campanion dog. please any advice would be appreciated eg as sex or where best to buy?

Valerie | Reply 15.01.2017 10.36

Hi Marie and Karen
I've just seen the picture of the little tri colour pup . Perhaps he's already gone but if not could you ring Jeff on 0418314525 thankyou

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08.05 | 15:06

Hi I am after a puppy,when you will have new puppies.
Thanks shiji

30.04 | 21:35

Have sent you an email , love the web page very informative,hope to get a reply soon

23.02 | 15:07

Please contact me regarding any older dogs or puppies for sale.
A friend of mine recently bought a little 4 yo girl from you

08.11 | 14:30

Hello! My name is Glynnis and I’m on the Australia wide Cavvie Facebook site as well as the Victorian Cavvie site. Two weeks ago my beautiful girl Meggie had to go on her long Journey. She was 14 1/2 yrs old and very very much loved and adored by both mys

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