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Thank you for visiting our website. Please come back from time to time and see what's new at Kamawarie. Cheers Marie and Karen

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Written by Lyn Renn on 3. Jun, 2015
What a lovely website. Just scrolled through & saw your gorgeous Cavs.
Written by Pat Morris (Mrs) on 19. Feb, 2015
Lovely website - superb photos of wonderful cavaliers - each one different and with their own personality which shines through. That you for letting me share your dogs.and superb scenery.

Written by Melanie on 9. Jan, 2015
Thank you for an amazing website, I have enjoyed perusing it for hours! Such a personal glimpse into life with your Cavalier's. They are all so beautiful and I cant wait to add one of your family to mine.
Written by Celia on 26. Aug, 2014
I love your breeding and would of loved one of your puppy's unfortunately I live in the UK
Written by Cherie on 15. Jan, 2012
As another Cavalier breeder it is always lovely to see updated web sites that promote our beautiful breed.
Written by September Rain (Rainy) on 14. Nov, 2011
By the way Jamie's and Penny's babies are adorable!

Cuddles from Rainy
Written by September Rain (Rainy) on 14. Nov, 2011
Hi to all my special friends at Kamawarie,

I love your new webpage! Although I love my life on the Gold Coast with Baxter and all of my family, I think of you often and hope all of the puppies are well. Im really well and happy and my family just adore me!

Much love,
September Rain
Written by lisa hawkins on 8. Nov, 2011
Lovely website.. good to see you are very open with the sm...
Written by Lyndell (Lahlu Cavaliers) on 7. Nov, 2011
Love the new look website, and the new additions :)
Written by Dot Morgan. Straomah Cavaliers. on 30. Oct, 2011
Congratulations Marie & Karen, a job well done.

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08.05 | 15:06

Hi I am after a puppy,when you will have new puppies.
Thanks shiji

30.04 | 21:35

Have sent you an email , love the web page very informative,hope to get a reply soon

23.02 | 15:07

Please contact me regarding any older dogs or puppies for sale.
A friend of mine recently bought a little 4 yo girl from you

08.11 | 14:30

Hello! My name is Glynnis and I’m on the Australia wide Cavvie Facebook site as well as the Victorian Cavvie site. Two weeks ago my beautiful girl Meggie had to go on her long Journey. She was 14 1/2 yrs old and very very much loved and adored by both mys